Monday, February 28, 2011

her gentle wings carried her far

her gentle wings
mixed media collage
(c) 2011 julie king
fine art print available
in my etsy shop

she had a gentle spirit and demure presence. many thought of her as shy and often wondered what quiet thoughts she was harboring in her solitude. she had big dreams but few knew what they were. those she kept to herself as well. she wasn't shy about showing her wings off to the world. she had an innate awareness that her wings were her vehicle to all her soul's longings. and she was so right. her gentle wings carried her far.

a new series i started a few days ago. the original sold but you can buy a print in my etsy shop. 


steviewren said...

I like it! It looks light and airy.

Donna said...

I love this!

rachel awes said...

i love her so.