Tuesday, May 18, 2010


loving this evening shot i took of my mom's clothesline

harley mirror shot -- me with blurred edges

note to self -- shop for new bras!!!

do you ever feel like you're longing for something but you can't quite put your finger on what it is? i've been feeling some restlessness . . to make a change, to follow an inner voice, to be true to me. i'm not sure but it has me up late tonight. maybe i know in my heart what it is but am not yet brave enough to say it out loud. i hear my soul whispering don't wait too long. grab onto that star now. maybe i just need time to heal, to put recent events aside. maybe i'm having a mid-life moment. i have decided to stop coloring my hair for a while to see how gray hair suits me. for now, i'll try to be content with that change and see how all the dust settles.

loving my nikon these days and the feeling that i'm simultaneously finding and losing myself behind the lens.


Joanna said...

That clothesline photo is a keeper, Julie. I know what you're talking about regarding a vague sense of longing for something but not knowing what. I think it means your soul is growing and stretching its wings.

RNSANE said...

As my days are feeling numbered, I want to get more out of my life! I am still lamenting the loss of my job - actually, more the horrible decline in my income which has now prevented me from doing the things I thought I would be able to enjoy at retirement. Oh, well, life is always full of surprises.

rachel awes said...

that clothesline shot is gold!
& your bra comment totally cracked me up! & dearest one, i love your open heart paragraph. it is beautiful IN THERE. i send big love to your STAR. i say YES YES YES to grabbing it & loving it & seeing it in all its' grandeur...it is your nature to shine bright bright bright. lol.x

cindy said...

i love the clothesline and miss my mom's so much. you made me laugh with the bra comment. you're going through a mourning period, no question. it leaves you vulnerable and questioning many things. even though your dad's passing was not a shock it was still shocking.

we recently saw a movie that might inspire you called - 'the secret in their eyes'. it's from argentina and if you can track it down i think you will get a lot out of it in terms of following your passion. simply put, it's never too late if we're not afraid.

xo, c

chiccoreal said...

Dear Julie: Totally awesome pics! I love the fact the trees are deliberately out of focus; like seen through tears and the line is your connection to your mom, and the trees (representing the past) are fading. The mirrored images which are warped shows the upsidedown feelings you have in this time of mourning. As I send my blessings to you I can see that your sense of humour is intact! Life in all its fullness continues; you will find your way through this wilderness. Things can only ever get better once the full circle comes round again! Never give up hope and keep your fine sense of humour! You make me laugh (and cry) which means to me that you're an emotive artist who can convey feeling through your artwork. I think Van Gogh could do that as well. How lucky to have your incredible talent; a richness lovingly nutured and bestowed to you from your dear Mom.

Jennifer DeDonato said...

I need to shop for new bra's also! I HATE BRA SHOPPING! Not long ago I went into Lane Bryant for a bra and the sales lady told me I needed a new one bad...because I was going National Geographic! Those were her actual words. I had to laugh to keep from crying.

Those are some great pictures...I want your camera and the talent behind it.

lori vliegen said...

i know that longing that you speak of.....it keeps me up at nights, too. one of these days the answer will be revealed.....and unfortunately, i think it will come easier than trying to find a new bra (am i the only one that struggles with bra shopping?!!). xox, :))

julie king said...

i hate bra shopping too which can easily be seen in that photo of me. hee hee i've heard you should go to an upscale dept. store like macys and have the fitting consultant help you get the right size, shape and style of bra. i'm convinced that nothing will help these bad mamas behave but maybe i'll give it a try one of these days.

Anonymous said...

simple and lovely