Sunday, May 16, 2010


although i've felt quite introspective the last few days and really just wanted to be alone, hubby convinced me to go out to breakfast this morning at the clifton mill in yellow springs. we had a delicious meal including buckwheat pancakes which i've not had in years and years. yum yum!! nikon in hand we wandered around the mill and adjoining properties snapping photos. in keeping with my mood i meandered on my own solo path, concentrating on quaint old objects in close focus and detail. i so enjoy rusty things and patterns. today did not disappoint.

even though my heart and mind are sad and a bit lost in memories and lost opportunities, i'm also rejoicing in the fact that life goes on. the birds are still singing their happy songs and the flowers are turning their pretty faces to the sun. death brings a much-needed lesson: be blessed in living each day with full vigor and opportunity for being happy and giving love to those around us.

i am blessed. 


Christine said...

hear hear

Kristy Worden said...

Julie, I was sorry to hear about your dad. I hope you are able to return to your cheery self soon, but I know these things take time. Hang in there.

Donna said...

Take time to heal, Julie. Thinking of you.


Felicia Monique said...

Blessed you are! Excellent color and perspective in these photos.

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Oh, thinking of you...these are great photos (rusty may be old but it's still good).

SKIZO said...


mansuetude said...

beautiful photos, and the clothespin up a few blog posts. i like your eye's style of "seeing".