Saturday, May 22, 2010

she loved the seashore

she loved the seashore
(c) 2010 julie king

she loved the seashore. it was the one place that would let her mind float free and her spirits soar. the salty wind blew across her face while her feet caressed the soft, white sand. looking down she admired an eclectic array of perfectly-formed seashells. she selected one with a dawn-like blush of pink coating its gleaming interior. as she added it to the growing collection in her pocket, she imagined the pretty blue bowl she would fill with her treasures.  looking down the beach, she saw children playing in the surf along the row of beach huts. their laughter and squeals of delight made her smile. answering the sea siren’s call, she approached the water’s edge letting the foamy surf rush over her feet. the sensation was heavenly and a small sigh escaped her lips. a flock of  herons soared in formation overhead, swooping and gliding to their own siren’s call. as she leisurely walked along the surf she studied the ebb and flow of her footprints in the sand. small white sandpipers cast intricate shadows as they skittered back and forth. using her toes, she traced words of inspiration into the hard-packed sand-- hope, dream, believe, soar. she lay back on the sand, turning her face to the sun, and breathed a prayer of thanks for this respite, for these moments of peaceful interlude with the sea. 

i found my muse and i'm happily creating from the heart, with gratitude and a sense of total bliss.

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ArtistUnplugged said...

This is beautiful, the art and the prose. You have really posted some great pics lately. I hope you are doing well and find what you are searching for!

chiccoreal said...

Dear Julie: This is beautiful! Just BEAUTIFUL! How nostalgic; majestic and serene. Your talent in writing and art is fantastic! "Felt like I was there enjoying the beach by the seashore!". The pastel colours so subdued and reminds me of the art of Grandma Moses! Creates a wonderful mood of peace and gentle spaces. Thank-you!

steviewren said...

This piece reminds me of my recent trip to the beach. I watched many a advertisement flying through the sky behind a plane. I'm glad you've found your muse!

Shannon said...

I'm definitely going to check this one out... loving the story that goes along with it! ;)