Tuesday, May 25, 2010

think happy thoughts

2-year old granddaughter layla
playing in the puddles on our back patio.
this shot makes me smile!

you know the old adage about garbage in / garbage out? i think there's a parallel to what we think every day. if i feel sorry for myself and allow myself to dwell on the negative i feel, well, pretty crappy. but if i make a conscious effort to embrace happy thoughts like i did today then the world is aglow with possibilities and vibrant energy. happy thoughts are dwelling here in my heart and soul and now i'm wafting them out to all of you. did you catch a few? hold them close and feel their power. let them loose in your life. and don't be too busy or too shy to act like a kid. dance in some puddles, play in the sprinkler, lick the cake batter spatula and smile, smile, smile!


rachel awes said...

this photo
is gorgeous
heart dancing
spring winging
bird singing
happy loving
honing into home
landing comforted
sweet savoring

Martha Lever said...

Hi Julie,
Yes, this precious picture definitely makes me smile!

Cori Lynn Berg said...

how nice.. this was very similar to my thought for the day...

by the way, doesn't every pic of your little granddaughter make you smile? ♥

Mary said...

I think you are sooooo right!!!!
love the photo!!

Felicia Monique said...

Marvelous photo!

Christine said...

such a cute photo!

Donna said...

Oh, Julie, what a beautiful photo. I love it, and it does make me happy.