Monday, May 24, 2010

whistle while you work

this is the beginning of a big canvas i started on friday night. can you guess what it's going to be?

this is the progress i made on saturday. any guesses now? i happily worked on it yesterday and it's almost done. final photos to come soon.

i created this little 6 x 6 canvas board late saturday night. i stumbled into corid's shop and LOVED every little thing she did! did i say loved?! she does the sweetest little illustrations on vintage papers. my mermaid was a quick attempt at her style. i enjoyed trying something new and different. you can check out corid's shop here and her blog here

this is the little print i just purchased from her shop! luv, luv, luv!!!

happy monday!!


lori vliegen said...

whistling is fun.....especially while you're working on these sweet little masterpieces!!! i can't wait to see them when you're finished! and as long as we're whistling, then we may as well just smile and giggle too because corid's work is absolutely happy-precious!!! congrats on your print.....TOO CUTE!! :))

~cori said...

(you are too kind) OOx c.