Saturday, March 12, 2011

early morning art class

i had jenna and ben overnight last night and our morning started with some art in the sunshine. jenna is already an accomplished mixed media artist in that she truly loves to combine paints, marker, crayons, glitter, tape, pastels and ribbon all together on one piece. ben is perfecting his coloring technique -- the straight-up-and-down-method. lol  if you ask him what color he is using he always says blue or wellow. and that is not a typo! best of all, jenna likes to mimic her grandma julie by creating her masterpieces in her pajamas.

my cup runneth over!


Kristy Worden said...

Julie - you're 'retirement' is already a plus in MY life... more regular blog posts... glad to see you're having so much fun,

Christine said...

what lovely grandchildren, you are indeed lucky.