Thursday, March 3, 2011

i'm jaded!!

many women adore diamonds. others ask for furs. me? i'm collecting jade. a quick trip to the thrift store at lunch today netted these lovelies. all for just $6. i'm a happy camper now that i've gotten my weekly thrift fix.


The Vintage Sister said...

wow julie! what a great score. that must be a good boost to your collection. if you are willing to part with any of your orange tickets, i would be more than happy to pay the shipping. Let me know.
enjoy your weekend!!

RNSANE said...

It really does give one a sense of accomplishment to come home with bargains such as these!!

steviewren said...

You are fortunate to find these jade jewels in your local thrift shop. Here, someone would snap them up to sell for a big price in their own antique store.

Kelly Warren said...

now that was a find. i have a supreme weakness for all things dishes. these are great!