Thursday, March 24, 2011

in my little life

i'm so pleased with how my art looks hanging in the "across the street antique mall" in hagerstown!! it's surreal to walk in there and do a double-take. i need to get back to the art table now so i can have a fresh selection to hang somewhere else.

thank goodness for mucinex!!!! it is keeping "stuff" at bay and my coughing to a bare minimum. my ribs are so sore that i'm also taking tylenol a few times a day for somewhat pain-free breathing.

i put willow on canned cat food today. she is sooo skinny even though she eats all the time and has been wormed. she goes back to the vet on  monday to get her sutures out and i'm anxious to ask what the weight loss is all about. she loved the canned kitten food and now is all snug asleep on my feet. i'm so blessed to have her in my life.

a few good books i've read recently: room by emma donoghue was the most unique book i've read in a long time. it had me thinking about survival and the lengths we'll go thru to protect someone we love. the help by kathryn stockett was phenomenal and i highly recommend it. lisa scottoline's think twice was very compelling and a quick read for me. jodi picoult's latest, sing you home, was good altho not my favorite of her books. well worth reading!

that's it for today -- all the little happenings in my little life.


The Vintage Sister said...

your work looks GREAT against that rich blue wall julie!
hugs to willow! doesn't canned food smell gross? my kids refuse to feed the cats because of. it's a good way to clear the room, lol.
thanks for the book suggestions. i'll be getting my summer reading list together soon:)

Lyn said...

Your artwork looks great, I am sure Wllow will be fine and grow big and strong.

steviewren said...

Love how that blue frames your artwork. I enlarged one of the photos to get a better look at your pieces. Together they make a joyful picture. I hope you sell them all.

Loved The Help!

Christine said...

your art looks so good up there, congrats!

lori vliegen said...

your sweet artwork is exactly what that wall needed (although i don't expect it to last long.....someone will surely snatch it up quickly!)! i hope you're feeling better soon.....snuggle up with your furry friends this weekend and take it easy! xox

Patience said...


Susan said...

Looks amazing you should be very proud !! Les Chats of Black Street get both - unlimited, bowls always topped up, crunchies (in two locations we'll have you know) So who's zoomin' who ?? and they get canned food twice a day or on demand - Virgil's demand is hard on the ears.

xo Susan & les Gang

2 cents - maybe adopt another cat. I do believe 2 is better, easier, healthier ... than 1 ;-)

julie king said...

susan -- adopt another cat?!! that is an exciting idea! willow is definitely missing bella and zoe these days. they come to visit for a week later this week. excited!!