Tuesday, March 29, 2011

quiet solitude

"quiet solitude"
6 x 12 x 1.25 wood panel
mixed media collage
(c) 2011 julie king

months and months ago i bought an old beat up thesaurus of quotations at the thrift shop. it is copyright 1941 and the guts had come completely unbound from the hard cover. it is broken into topics like hope, retreat and virtue. each topic starts out with an all-caps headline which are pure perfection for adding words to my art. i must confess that sometimes i get lost in the quotations themselves. on saturday i challenged myself to pick two words from the book and then create a piece of art that depicted the words. an hour later i had cut out numerous words but settled on quiet solitude. i liked the idea of a single flower to represent solitude and the mix of blues and greens have a quiet air about them. i used old tissue paper pattern pieces to create the 3-d vase, petals and stem. a bit of acrylic paint and some bright quilting thread accomplished my simplicity goal.

i love quiet solitude and feel somewhat sorry for those who are not comfortable in their own company. i am at my best when i'm alone; perhaps that's not actually a good thing though. hee hee


Susan said...

me too !! and it honestly is remarkable that after all those long years of being on my own (well no human companion) that I found someone to share my life with that doesn't ever take away from my "quiet solitude".

thanks for the kind comment - my blog and photos do help me to remember that I do live my life consciously and mostly in the moment. It's a good thing 'cause my head & heart often forget. xo Susan & les Gang

Martha Lever said...

Hi Julie,
I think that is a good thing, julie. We should be at peace with ourselves and enjoy our own company. I like this piece with the single flower. Thanks for your comment today. Hope you little doggies are doing well.

Christine said...

love that blue...I also enjoy quiet solitude, it gives me a chance to think and get ideas.

dosfishes said...

Hi Julie, Thanks for you coments, Man Man (yes, that's his name is hanging in). I see you hace three adorable companions too. Your blog is swell, your art is joyful and your dorky photo made me laugh. Dorky is great isn't it?
xox Corrine

Ruth said...

I feel utterly out of balance without my solitude regularly. The collage is beautiful.

I feel most sorry for those who need solitude badly, as we do, but they can't seem to find it. I have two friends in that state. Maybe they need your post. I think I'll send it to both of them.

Thank you.