Tuesday, March 1, 2011

seeking the shine!

after weeks of trying to keep willow out of my plants in the south-facing dining room window, i gave up. i moved all the plants aside and placed a folded-up towel for her majesty's basking. she's very content and purrs her thank yous to me as i pass by.

i find myself seeking the shine as well these days. when stopping for a bite of lunch, i politely ask if i can be seated in on the sunny side of the diner. i park my car so the sun streams warm it up for my afternoon drive home. and, already i have spent an hour or two reading on my sunny front porch. yes, i had a coat on, but STILL!!


steviewren said...

My new office has no windows, so I go outside everyday for lunch. Today I drove over to the zoo and meet my son and daughter (and the kids) for a picnic. When I went back to work, they walked around the zoo.

Margo said...

Ah....the things we do for our babies!!