Thursday, July 21, 2011

huge BOGO sale in my etsy shop!!!

the suffocating heat has me spending my evenings inside working on my faithful mac, playing in photoshop and dreaming up ways to increase sales in my etsy shop. check it out -- buy two prints and receive one free print of your choice AND/OR buy one original canvas or wooden panel and receive one free print of your choice. simply tell me in the message to the buyer which print you'd like to receive free.

i've also been watching a lot of my old fave movies like you've got mail (i can now recite loooong dialogue exchanges of the movie by heart hee hee), bull durham (still find kevin costner a hot hunk in this one) and runaway bride (i personally think joan cusack is the real star of this movie -- she totally cracks me up!!).

and, i've been dancing along to this tune from the bull durham movie. get up and swing along to this one, gals!!

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