Thursday, July 7, 2011

lokking out my back door

this was soooo funny!  the girls and the hens are getting along great . . . no fighting and just a tad bit of chasing. mostly they all just ignore each other.

this hen jumped right up on the windowsill and watched us eat supper! now all of them are doing it. i feel like it's feeding time at the zoo. and I"M the one in the cage!

my new finch feeder drew finches the very first day.  loooove watching them out the window.

this little guy was quite the poser!

and now another music video! you just gotta love CCR!


Mary said...

Hi Julie, wishing you much joy on this new leg of your journey. what good, rich, lasting memories you will continue to make...still loving the idea of chickens...and the garden looks beautiful. gorgeous. they leave here in the summer so I miss all the glorious yellow.


Christine said...

you're having the time of your life Julie! Close to nature and the simple life, a good thing.

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Like your new profile pic Julie and the girls are cracking me up. My hound crew would not be so sweet to the chickens, there would be mad chasing and chomping. Glad you are having one big happy family. xox Corrine

Jennifer DeDonato said...

how great is your bird feeder! I would love to see that all the time. Be so proud of your dogs with the chickens...I can't even imagine that working out at all with my crazy dog.