Saturday, July 9, 2011

prayers and loving support needed

i'm reaching out to all my blog friends to ask for your prayers and loving support for my dear friend "d" who is battling cancer. after fighting breast cancer in 2010 and reaching a healthy level of remission, she is now fighting the good fight again. in addition to being a loving mother and grandmother, "d" is  fun-loving, full of life and can be found most saturday evenings dancing somewhere with her hubby of 41 years. my heart is breaking for what she is going thru right now.

i would love to shower "d" with a boatload of love and support. if you'd be willing to send her a card please email me at juliekingart(at)gmail(dot)com. it would REALLY be appreciated.

((hugs)) and thanks!



The Barefoot Crofter said...

Haven't visited in so long Julie - but my heart goes out to your friend. Sending many healing wishes across the ocean. xx

Me said...

I would love to send her a card. I have a little painting of a butterfly and I will put some encouraging words on it. Let me know.
Warmest regards,

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Julie, I said a prayer for her. I will email you.

Cindy said...

thinking of you & d and sending our very best wishes. one thing she is lucky to have is a friend like you, julie.