Thursday, July 21, 2011

idle hands create beautiful dishcloths!!

i spend a lot of time watching these days . . . watching the chickens scratch around in the flower beds. watching the zucchini grow (by leaps and bounds overnight!!). watching the sprinkler mist the garden. watching bella and zoe loooove being farm dogs. the serenity and fulfillment i get from these idle moments fills me joy. i've started taking my crochet basket outside with me to my orange year chair where i can sit and crochet while watching. i simply can't let my hands stay idle for long.

next thing i knew i had over a dozen sets of dishcloths done and nesting prettily in my basket. i've listed two sets on etsy. above is faded glory and below is pistachio. click on the name to be whisked off to my etsy shop.

life is good on the farmer chicks farm!!


RNSANE said...

You are so industrious, Julie! It is clear you can be happy wherever you come to roost. Your dishclothes are wonderful.

Kelly Warren said...

those are lovely! my mom was an avid crocheter, but i never learned. i'm a lefty!