Friday, August 22, 2008

the letter "p"

p is for palm -- this is a 9 x 12 commission i just finished last night. it is very similar to one i posted earlier but smaller. for this piece, i had to tear the paper into much smaller pieces than i normally do. it was a fun challenge!!

p is for peg -- this collage has a little dowel rod peg at the back to hold it up!

p is for presley -- today he was wandering around the bedroom and saw his image in our floor length mirror. he was so excited and kept trying to smell the other little guy in the mirror and pawed at its legs. it was so very, very cute!! of course, when i left the room to get the camera he followed me. another missed photo op!

p is for personal perseverance -- i must say that i've been so inspired by the athletes at the olympics. it's hard to imagine the kind of dedication, sweat and tears that goes into not only a 4-year long trek to the olympics but for many of these athletes a lifelong commitment to reach a goal. i'm humbled by them and inspired to persevere in my quest to reach my personal goals!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


mixed media collage
9 x 9 x 3/4 aspen wood
copyright 2008 julie king

as many of you know i am an avid reader and one of my favorite things to read is a heart-touching coming of age story. i enjoy how these stories typically start out depicting the total innocence of youth. the main character is generally an 11 to 13 year-old boy or girl enjoying a carefree summer vacation . . . no homework, hanging with friends, late night kick the can games and fishing in the creek down the road. as the story progresses, events force the youngster to grow up a bit, leaving all that childish innocence behind. one of my faves of this genre is to kill a mockingbird. and, i remember how i adored a tree grows in brooklyn the first time i read it. i'm currently reading stephen king's hearts in atlantis and it carries that same classic theme of maturity being thrust on a young boy. sometimes in my hectic, go-go-go life i long for the innocence and simplicity of childhood. oh, to be reading in the tree house all afternoon with nothing more to worry about than what mom was fixing for supper. what a sense of freedom to never think about paying bills or retirement funds or at what age we take the plunge and purchase supplemental medical insurance. i long for twilight hide and seek with my siblings, cranking the handle on the homemade ice cream churn, rotten tomato fights in the garden and playing old maid until we knew every card by heart by the bends and knicks in the corners of the cards. so here's my pledge to myself to laugh more, play more, sing, dance, frolic and cavort more. but mostly, i promise to seek that blessed childish innocence whenever i can.

Friday, August 15, 2008

listen soulful serenade

listen soulful serenade
9 x 9 x 3/4 mixed media
copyright 2008 julie king

listen with your heart
to life's melodious sounds
the trill of early morning
when joyful notes abound

listen with your soul
when evening starts to fall
hear whispers of the angels
the loon's first lonely call

listen with wild abandon
when moonlight hits the glade
ah, what a lyrical ballad --
nature's soulful serenade

hello, friends. someone asked me recently if i write poetry to match my art or create art to accompany my poetry. the art almost always comes first but i have been enjoying exploring rhyming words as i collage in preparation for the poem. the above poem started as a little inkling of an idea as i was walking presley in the semi-darkness just a bit ago. my senses were filled with the wonderful sounds of the evening, the beautiful moon and the cool feel of dew on my feet. i was thinking how easy it is to get busy and not notice the beautiful soundtrack provided by nature. so i stopped, breathed in the cool night air, and listened with my heart and soul to night's melody. then i said a little prayer of thanksgiving for my blessed life and the wonders that are ours for the taking . . . if we only stop to listen.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


the little ducklings hatched this week! just like last year i got to see them one evening and the next morning mama had moved them off to the pond across the road. there were 9 broken-open eggs left in th nest. what a big happy family! can't wait to see if they come back to next in the same spot next year.

we're off to enjoy the beautiful weather!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

happenings in the studio

busy, busy, busy happenings here in julie king art studio!

presley visited the vet today and is doing much better. his head tilt is improved and he's not quite as wobbly. our vet put him on arthritis meds and a special diet to get him to gain some weight. he is sleeping soundly right now under the art table, just like a good art studio mascot should!!

hotel gallery in tipp city asked me to display my art!! i'll be sharing one of the little art rooms with a wood artist starting september 1st. i'm very excited and busy sketching out some new ideas so i'll have a bigger variety of originals to display (and sell!!) there.

sales, sales, sales!!! art is flying out the door and i need to replenish my inventory. i feel a couple of all-nighters coming up soon.

new originals have been added to my etsy shop!! and, i still have several more to go!!

oriental rice paper has made its first appearance in my art room. creative experimentation is under way.

thanks to all of you for continuing to read the infrequent posts on my blog. i'm trying to live a fuller, richer, more active life AND work on my art. i'll blog when i can but can't promise a daily post right now!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

kayak for a cure

this morning we left the house bright and early to drive to columbus to participate in the kayak for a cure ms fundraiser. what a glorious day! the above shot of early-morning kayakers greeted us when we arrived at alum creek state park beach.

about 40 kayakers participated in the 3 hour paddle.

these are our kayaks -- king for him and queen for me. hee hee
here we are shortly before the big launch!

these 2 young men inspired me so much today. mark, on the left and the founder of kayak for a cure, not only has a dream for making the world a better place but is willing to work long hours to ensure it comes true. you've got to admire someone who takes that one small step that could lead to great things. ken, on the right, organized the columbus event today as a dedication to his dad who was diagnosed with ms in 1993. his goal was to raise $10,000 and we fell short by less than $500. ken's heartfelt dedication to a cause inspired and humbled me so much! donations can still be made to this cause by clicking on the link here and then going to the columbus, ohio link to make a donation.

here is a big part of the group returning to shore after a fun time of recreation and fellowship. some of the young people in this group had never met ken or mark before. they saw the invitation to participate in the event at their local gym and pitched right in to raise money and further the fight to find a cure for ms. wow! i never cease to be amazed by the overwhelmingly giving spirit of mankind.

we came home tired and sunburnt but filled with the resolve to do more to better this wonderful world. thanks, mark and ken, for the inspiration, the dedication and your awesome giving spirits!!