Wednesday, May 14, 2014

face each day

when i got off work yesterday afternoon i picked my grandkids, ben and jenna, up at the babystitter's and we took a scenic drive to a big amish greenhouse a few miles out in the country. it was a stunningly beautiful day and wandering around in the lush green flower and veggie plants was heaven. we bought a few veggie plants -- brandywine tomato, california giant orange pepper and pickle cucumber -- as well as two dozen candy white onion bulbs. at the last minute i added a fresh bunch of just-picked asparagus to the pile.

once home, it was scurry-around time as i tried to get it all done so we could do some planting. in the midst of fixing a quick supper for the kids and replenishing zoe's water and food, the kids drug out a mess of art supplies. i keep all my art supplies handy for jenna to locate and use but there's always one or two things she can't find or reach. as i walked into the breakfast nook / art area to help her, my little fiesta orange vase of tulips caught my eye. there it sat in the sun, casting lovely shadows onto my antique oak table. i immediately put everything on hold to grab my nikon and shoot away.

later, after the kids were home and settled in their pajamas and zoe and i had taken our 45 minute walk, i looked over the pictures i'd taken. and, it struck me that i truly do love serendipity. we can plan our days out step by step. we can promise ourselves to be more creative, to spend more time in quiet contemplation of the beauty that surrounds us. but, really no amount of planning could have created a more satisfying photo session.

so, today, i'm just reminding myself to slow down a little bit and let serendipity capture my spirit as it may. and, i'm wishing the same for each of you.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

you said

you said it couldn’t be done but i did

you clipped my wings and smothered me in your own insecurities
i devalued myself and let you
you didn’t wish me well but i am
soaring on the uplift of my own self-confidence

you said i'd be sorry
i am but not about leaving
you said i'd fail

look at me now

photo and poem (c) julie king 2014