Wednesday, April 16, 2014

gentle surprises

i snapped these photos during lunch on monday after an easy spring rain. the light streaming from the sky was simply wonderful!

when i awoke the next morning, snow dusted everything and mother nature was smiling at her surprise. i like quiet, laid back surprises so this one was just fine with me. and, of course, it didn't last and we have sunny 50 degree weather today.

click here to read an article that ran about me, my art and my life back in my hometown that ran in our local paper on sunday. i'm very humbled by the attention.

wishing you sunny skies and only very gentle surprises.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

seeking balance

my life these days seems to be all about seeking balance -- balancing making money to support myself and quiet down time to regenerate. i tend to wear myself out and then crash, my own worst enemy. creating a peaceful dwelling place brings contentment in the chaos. (art above by magaly, one of my faves!)

a constant respite from the madness is crocheting. this afghan is over 8 feet long and almost 5 feet wide -- all created over the winter. i love the colors and the skinny stripes and was sad when it was finished. i still need to work those pesky strings in at the ends but really i kind of like them in all their imperfection (like me).

now i'm working on this afghan which i've nicknamed mint chocolate chip! it will be considerably smaller and will rest on the white wicker chair in my bathroom.

part of balancing my life is controlling possessions, desiring a level of minimalism that gives me just enough without feeling weighted down by too much stuff. i found the above bowls at goodwill and paired them up to hold jewelry in my bathroom. they make me smile.

greek salad is my current food craze! have you tried ken's steak house greek salad dressing? love!

and then there is zoe, the sweetest dog ever, who loves unconditionally and makes my heart sing. here, she is patiently letting my grandkids dress her in doll clothes.

i find balance more difficult and more necessary than in the past, still learning the lessons of not giving too much of myself away.

women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance how much of ourselves we give away. -- barbara de angelis