Saturday, January 28, 2012

subway art

i've been playing around on pinterest alot lately and one of the things i've been most attracted to is the abundance of subway-inspired art. so late at night when i'm bored and feeling a thirst for creativity i've been playing around in photoshop creating a few subway type art prints of my own. each of these features my original poetry or verse and some are available in more than one background color. the titles will each take you to the listing in my etsy shop.

now i'm off to hang out with photoshop some more. hee  hee

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

jae jean vintage

SOLD!!!!! thanks, kelly!!!

SOLD!!! thanks, jennifer!!!!!

introducing my new etsy shop: jae jean vintage. on a whim i bought a drill and a dremel tool. i felt the need to go all 3d and get my hands dirty. i went looking for something to create and stumbled onto this idea. luckily i work at an antique mall and get first pick of all the inventory the dealers bring into their booths. it is so fun to find all these rusty vintage lovelies and then marry the pieces together to create something new and useful and unique.

once these first 6 were done i had a brainstorm to call them nesters. they are the perfect little nests for holding art or sewing supplies or for displaying a vintage collection. i can see them in the bathroom holding little soaps and crocheted cloths or in the entryway filled with family photos and a few trinkets.

and did i say that i looooove drilling and dremelling?!! it gives me a total rush and feeling of sat-is-fac-tion! i can't wait for spring/summer when i can start going to yard sales and flea markets.

Monday, January 2, 2012

dad's water spigot

reaching to 
turn on the spigot
an image of my dad
floats to the surface
of my mind
i lay my hand
where his hand
must have laid
a thousand times
i close my eyes
and imagine that
i can feel his energy
pouring into me
as water seeps
into the ground
after a gentle rain
so his quiet guidance
permeated my life
and even though
the spigot of his life
no longer turns
i still see his artistry
in the bricks of this house
i hear his voice
in the swaying trees
and i feel his hands
guiding my novice hands
as i humbly try
to carry on what 
he nobly built
so many years ago


i went to see we bought a zoo in the movie theater today. i went alone, sat alone and was quite content in my own company. well, i was sort of ok with it. near the end of the movie i had an epiphany, what oprah would call an aha moment. like a rapid-fire slide show i saw my life as i'm choosing to live it and knew i was not really living at all. i've isolated myself from the world and humanity in so many ways. the truth is i've been hiding out. hiding from failure and disappointment. isolating myself from challenges. filling the precious hours with joyless tasks. honestly, i just don't know what i want to do so i do very little. there i said it -- i do very little.

one of my dearest and closest friends sent me a one line fb message recently. it read: "you are the bravest person i know." i cringed inside and said to myself well i have one person fooled. i know what she meant. so many women have used the b word (brave) in connection to my decision to leave my 10 year marriage and my corporate job. as it turns out the leaving and the quitting were quite easy compared to the moving on. for years i had created a story in mind. it went like this: 50-something free-spirited woman's creativity is being doused by a claustrophobic marriage and a  corporate job. all her dreams will magically come true if she can rid herself of these chains. guess what friends? i've not yet found the magic wand that will make it all happen quite so easily.

it's way past time for me to face the truth and dare to dream new dreams!

truth -- i am a rudderless boat in a slow-moving stream and the view is becoming quite boring
dare -- i dare myself to do SOMETHING -- take a class, join a book club, learn to belly dance, train for a mini marathon, anything. for god's sake, woman (that's me!!) you are rotting on the vine.

truth -- i isolate myself from joy
dare -- i dare myself to sing and dance and laugh every day!! sing out loud to the shins, dance the pony to some old time rock and roll and laugh to old movies like tootsie and trains, planes and automobiles.

truth --i need a real job with real challenges and real benefits
dare -- i dare myself to drag out those big girl panties, think outside the box and get it done already

many bloggers pick a word as their mantra for the new year. words like grow and shine and learn are popular. i've decided that for the month of january my word will be truth. i'm going to look it square in the face and stare it down. once i've peeled back all the delusions and exposed the bare naked truth, then maybe i can move on to a new word in february. i'm liking the sound of thin and young and sexy. hee hee