Friday, April 20, 2012

7 am dandelions

she slowly walked thru the sea of dead head dandelions silently standing sentinel, reverently paying homage to the glory of the rising sun. floating puffs marked her passage as birds sang their welcome.
she liked this time of morning -- brimming with quiet, quivering with possibility. she breathed in this day, this moment, embracing the one chance to live it fully. in the distance she saw a lone deer gazing at her, ready to take flight if needed. she sent the doe a silent message of reassurance: we are one with nature this lovely morning. no need to fear or stop your quiet sojourn. she followed her sweet dogs into the old bean field wondering what identity the field would take on this year. stopping to watch a few big black birds swooping in the sky, she released her heart to soar along with them. as much as she loved her alone time, she knew her heart was lonely. smiling, she realized that in the field of dandelions she was the one standing alone. the one trying to be brave in her quest for recovery. the one still questioning her place in the world. the one still harboring so much hope in her soul.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

before you

before you
i was floating free
a slumbering soul
waiting to be born

before you
life was dull
a listless gray
misty morn
waiting for sunshine
longing for joy

your first tentative approach
awakened my spirit
to all the joy
inherent in our
deep abiding
destined relationship

slowly i emerged from my shell
facing the first rays of light
with hope in my heart
and all my potential
came to life right
before you

i'm participating in magpie tales again after a looong absence. i've missed writing and am glad to be challenging myself again. click here to read more of the original poems and stories based on the above image.