Sunday, October 16, 2011

and now a little art!!


i've been working on altering some of my photographs in photoshop by applying a watercolor filter. it is so fun to see how the photos come to life and resemble paintings! above are a few that i've listed in my etsy shop. if you click on them you can see all the luscious watercolor effects i've added. click on the titles to go directly to that listing in etsy.

in other news, i've decided to create a second blog called butterscotch farm. it will focus on all my farm activities so i can go back to dedicating this blog to my art.

also, i've been scoping out farm animals in the area to photograph. recently, i've photographed llamas, piglets, donkeys, mules, amish work horses, goats and painted horses. i've hooked up with a couple of artists who paint or collage from photos and they've been purchasing some of the photos. it is THE most fun i've had in a loooong time. laying on the ground to get good shots of piglets and letting the llamas sniff my face to get acquainted makes my heart swell with happiness. so far my client list includes elizabeth st. hilaire nelson and kimberly kelly santini. they are both amazing artists and i'm proud to be providing them with creative images for their work.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

everything's coming up EGGS!!

what you lookin at?

 always outside looking in

searching for grub

majestic beauty

we continue to get eggs every day . . . the total count is up to 26 eggs!! we lost a hen last week so now we're down to 10 hens total. so sad and disappointed when one came up missing. no signs of hen feathers or remains anywhere just poof she was gone. the thrill of reaching into the nesting boxes and latching on to a fresh egg has not waned. gathering eggs is pure happiness!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

aaaaah fall!!

last evening my daughter megan and i took the kids for a walk on the cardinal greenway. it was such a lovely day. ben ran and ran and ran!

he picked flowers for us!

jenna rode her scooter sitting down. it was slow-going but she was determined.


we got to see the soybeans being harvested.

and lots of gorgeous scenery!

zip, zip, zip!!

almost back to the car. it was a 3.4 mile walk round trip and i loved every minute of it!!

ben started out in the stroller but that didn't last long. so proud of my beautiful daughter and the woman she has become.

a flower and a kiss for mommy!

amish horses in the field beside the trail.

i can't wait to get back out on the trail again this evening!! everyone have a gorgeous day!!