Thursday, July 31, 2008

my heart sings (again)

my heart sings in the garden
mixed media collage
on 9 x 9 x 3/4 solid aspen
copyright 2008 julie king

ok, that was weird. i was getting ready to type the copy that i wanted to add to the photo in the post right below this one and it just posted on its own. too weird! and it won't let me delete it. anyway, i did this little piece last night and had plans to post it today when i got home and then i saw that the creative and wonderful steviewren had tagged me with a challenge. now, what are the odds that the tag would have to do with music and singing the same as my new little piece of art??!! basically i'm to list 5 songs that i'm ashamed or embarrassed to admit that i like. hmmmmmm . . . not much of anything embarrasses me so this is a breeze. here are 4 not-too-classy, slightly hickish or just plain sappy songs that i love to sing!! plus one adorable one that i hum for days and days after jenna visits!!

country road by john denver -- for me, there's nothing like a drive along a country road with the windows down and the smell of new-mown hay in the air. wonderbar!!

lady by kenny rogers -- just love those lyrics "i'm your knight in shining armor and i love you"

cherish by the association -- brings back memories of slow dancing in junior high and that wonderful, sappy feeling of a crush

sugar by bobby sherman -- gotta love that bubble gum music!!

you are my sunshine as sung by my 3-year old granddaughter jenna!! it takes a tiny bit of prompting to get her to remember all the lyrics but it is such a joy to see and hear!

thanks, steviewren, that really was fun!!!

my heart sings in the garden

Monday, July 28, 2008

this and that

thank you all for all your comments and prayers regarding my dear sweet presley. he is doing much better altho still walking like a drunk sailor. he has been diagnosed with canine ideopathic vestibular disease which basically is a neurological disorder in older dogs which makes it very difficult for them to ascertain the position of their body in relation to the earth. he was not able to stand on his own when we brought him home on saturday but is walking on his own now although weaving and spinning with an occasional fall or wipe out. in the above photo he is starting a clockwise spin which he simply can't control. our vet has nicknamed him mr. wobbles and it is most appropriate. if all goes well he will continue to improve over the next week or so altho he may always have the head tilt to the right. we are encouraged, overwhelmingly grateful and lavishing him with tons of love and attention!!

we had a dessert contest at work on friday and i entered grandma j's butterscoth pie along with the above tag. no ribbons for me but it was fun anyway!

as promised here is the revised birch grove cabin. i like this cabin much better. it is almost hidden in the background and is a nice little surprise when you discover it. just the way an autumn get-away should be!!

my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter jenna spent the night with us saturday and i introduced her to magic pencils (my watercolor pencil set). she was enthralled and i'm sure these will be one of her fave things to do at grandma julie's house on each visit!

and, finally, here is our mama mallard duck back in her little protected spot behind my asiatic lilies in the east flower bed. this is her second nest sitting this year. we leave her in complete peace and i think she enjoys the solitude, quiet and occasional drink of water when i water the flower bed. oh how i love living as one with nature . . . even if it is in the suburbs!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

presley dear

my heart is breaking with sadness and worry over my dear presley. he woke us in the middle of the night thursday night unable to stand up or control his body. our vet says it might be a brain tumor or a severe case of vertigo. he has been at the vet under observation and sedation since yesterday morning. we will go to visit this morning and get a report. we've been dreading this situation for some time now as he is almost sixteen and has slowed down a lot over the last few months. the house is so empty without my little shadow and i can't bear to imagine life without him. i've vowed to do totally right by him and ensure he is comfortable and knows how very much he is loved for whatever time we have left with him. but inevitability weighs so very heavy on my heart. how do you say goodbye to such a faithful friend, one who gives so much and really expects so little in return?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

meow time

sunset garden cat
mixed media collage
12 x 12 x 1 1/2 gallery canvas
copyright 2008 julie king

kaleidoscope garden cat
mixed media collage
12 x 12 x 1 1/2 gallery canvas
copyright 2008 julie king

just finished up the second of these 2 commissions i started over the weekend. i'm glad to be getting back into the swing of working full time and collaging bright and early in the morning and again after work/at night. i'm off to read some of YOUR blogs now!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

live simply . . . carefree

i spent most of the day today in the art room finishing up a few projects, sketching some new ideas, working on a commission and having so much fun. part of the time i listened to music, often singing along to some of my favorites. other times i enjoyed the quiet letting my thoughts run free. during one of those reflective moments i was thinking about a post that steviewren wrote a few days ago. it was about clotheslines being banned in many towns as they are viewed as an eye sore. i thought back to all the time i spent at the clothesline growing up, hanging up the family wash and then enjoying the wonderful smell when it was time to take everything down. it wasn't until i moved to ohio ten years ago that i quit hanging clothes out to dry. i miss it so much! so the above piece is my little tribute to the iconic american clothesline and my belief that a simple life is happier and much more carefree! thanks, steviewren, for the inspiration!

Friday, July 18, 2008


dark and light
day and night
as different as we can be

heart to heart
so far apart
fall’n from the same family tree

memories to share
so very aware
of the heart ties that bind us together

through laughter and tears
for 55 years
you’ve been my emotional tether

miles and years
laughter and tears
yet always so close to my heart

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

birch grove cabin

this little piece is a work in process. i'm not completely happy with it yet . . . pretty pleased with the tress but not the cabin. as usual, it's all torn paper with bits of chalk, oil pastels and ink to add dimension and details. i'll putter around with it a bit more over the next week or two and then stamp it done. i'm thinking about doing a completely new cabin. i'm just not wild about how this one turned out. i'm calling it birch grove cabin. for me it represents a quiet place of nature where you can walk thru the crisp fallen leaves, soak up the sun-drenched autumn air and snuggle before the fireplace at night with a good book.

blog award

the talented and lovely denise at coutier de papier nominated me for this blog award a few days ago. denise's blog is so lovely and full of vintage finds and her very creative pieces of art. it is always such a delight to see what she's been up to so don't forget to stop over and check it out!

the rules of this award are 1) to put the award logo on your blog 2) add a link to the person who nominated you 3) nominate at least 7 other blogs 4) add links to those blogs from yours 5) leave a message for your nominees on their blogs. here are my picks -- all lovely ladies who inspire me to keep creating and blogging:

megan coyle's blog -- very artistic, wonderful paper collages!!!

margins -- wow! check out her hand-cut stencil art!!

paper, ink, scissors & stamps -- handmade cards that are miniature pieces of art!!

stegart -- gorgeous handmade fabric and paper art quilts!!

noodle and lou studio -- adorable, whimsical, funky art!!

dada's place -- delightful illustrations to warm your heart!!

thanks, ladies, for your inspiration!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


one evening last week i spent some time at borders bookstore while my husband worked late. i've had my eye on steve martin's memoir born standing up for some time now. so i bought it, started reading it that night, was delighted by so many parts of it and finished it late (late!!) friday night. it transported me back to so many wonderful memories of the late 60's and 70's. it made me laugh and gave me such a nostalgic, bittersweet feeling of lost youth and a renewed appreciation for the creative, groundbreaking era. i can completely recall the first time i ever saw steve on tv (the tonight show) with his arrow thru the head, his banjo and his silly, feel-good, off-the-wall comedy act. of course, as with most things in this stage of my life, it got me thinking about the phases of my life and the times -- good and bad -- that i've had. it is so nice to be able to read about the 60's and 70's and compare what history says with my reflections and memories of the times. today i handed the book off to my dad who will most likely finish it before retiring tonight. i can't wait to see what he thinks of it.

on a whim i bought john fogarty's the long road home cd while at borders as well. it was $9.95 and i figured what the heck i know a few of these tunes and it could be fun! whoa! a few tunes? it was amazing to me as i listened to the cd for the first time in my art room bright and early saturday morning how many of the songs i knew and how many wonderful memories flooded over me as i listened. i was transported back to dancing with a high school crush by who'll stop the rain. and, wasn't it just yesterday that my brother rodger and i sang out loud and strong with the radio version of lookin' out my back door? it was summer and we were cruising in the family 1964 impala with all the windows down and driving way too fast! we joked about taking our act on the road. we both loved to sing and had a wonderful harmony thing going to almost every song on the radio. then there was the memory of singing lookin out my back door on the bus on my senior class trip to washington dc. there were 32 of us seniors on the trip and we really belted out some of the popular tunes of the day all the way from indiana to dc and back again. i know we must have sung ccr's jeremiah was a bullfrog at least 50 times on that trip!!

so, i am very grateful for a random trip to borders which turned into a magical time machine, transporting me back to the carefree days of my youth!! i shared the cd with my son matt today. he is usually the one turning me onto his fave music. it was my turn to return the favor today! can't wait to see what he has to say, too!

bye bye garden cat

tomorrow i'll be mailing my little garden cat collage off to her new home with auburn kat. i couldn't resist posting a photo of the collage all wrapped up in my signature handmade wrapping paper. i'll miss you, my little garden cat! you were one of my early pieces, a total experiment that worked out quite well. you kept me company in my art room and brightened my day! you'll love it with auburn kat as she is a real cat lover and little kittie friends for you to play with. take care, all!!

joyful nesting

earlier this week i was cleaning up the art room and came across a rubber stamp box to be pitched. just as my hand traveled toward the trash can a light bulb went off in my head. i could make something out of this! quick as lightning i was off to the stash of paper and pile of vintage books to get inspired! and the above is what i ended up creating -- joyful nesting.

the bird illustration is from an old bird book i've had for along time. the nest is torn pieces of vintage sheet music. if you look closely, you can see where i wrote soar, fly free and sing on the leaves of the tree.

for a little finishing touch i added a piece of copper wire, some ceramic beads and an organza ribbon. what a fun piece this was to make. so, of course, now i'm on the hunt for cute little boxes so i can make more. hunt and gather, hunt and gather!! once i've made a few, i'll list them in my etsy shop!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

peace love joy

today i received this custom bracelet that i purchased from paloma's nest on etsy. i've used peace love joy as a kind of byline ever since my best friend sally and i "created" it back in the 60's. so when i stumbled onto paloma's nest shop i just had to have one created saying peace love joy! it came in this adorable box in a delightful nest and a stamped cloth thank you ribbon! wow!

the bracelet is wood and smells wonderful! i can't wait to wear it! stop over at paloma's nest to see all the delightful items!


reflecting on life
and all we're meant to be
projecting good thoughts
and they're coming back to me

sometimes we look outward
and sometimes we look in
seeking a true reflection
as each day we begin

the image in the mirror
can change from day to day
what we send out there
bounces back back our way

so keep all your projections
your thoughts, and acts and deeds
positive and uplifting
if a good reflection you seek

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

summer songs

vintage rock guitar
mixed media collage
commission, november 2007
copyright 2007 julie king

wonderful willow tagged me a couple of days ago with a meme! here's the scoop. list seven songs making your summer melodic -- okay, so just seven songs you're really into this summer. the songs can be anything, from any genre, with lyrics or just instrumental. whatever rocks your world! i'm to post these meme instructions here on my blog, list my seven songs and then tag 7 other people so we can all discover what they're secretly humming in their heads. here's my picks (drum roll, please!):

six string music by jimmy buffett -- love the beat to this one!

wagon wheel by old crow medicine show -- thanks to my son, matt, for introducing me to ocms. who would have thought i'd LOVE blue grass music!

gone for good by the shins -- my favorite feel-good song when i want to dance in my art room!

society by eddie vedder -- it's hard to pick just one song of his off the into the wild soundtrack but this one wins for the thought-provoking lyrics.

waiting for the world to change by john mayer -- love it, love to sing it, love to move to it!!

home by chris daughtry -- you gotta love this guy and his success story and the sentiment really touches my heart!!

i feel fine by the beatles -- old time rock and roll at it's best!

kodachrome by paul simon -- oh to be on a road trip with my hubby, both of us singing this song, the windows rolled down, a picnic packed and the kayaks strapped on top of the jeep! that is my definition of summer!!!

ok, in case you think i'm math impaired. yes, i listed EIGHT songs. i'm a rebel, remember?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

viewing the world

seeking direction along life's blurry way

delighting in sunlight and shadow play

catching myself at the end of the day

soaking up nature & sun's golden rays

viewing the world in a slanted way

thanks for this wonderful, glorious day!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

hope floats free

hope floats free
mixed media collage
copyright 2008 julie king
available in my etsy shop

hope floats free
on the wings of a prayer
just reach out and grab it
it's just waiting there

for those who believe
in hope, faith and love
and order their lives
to serve him above

when worries are many
and life full of cares
hope floats free
on the wings of a prayer

Thursday, July 3, 2008

long weekend to-do list!!

1 enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee on the patio

2 admire the daylillies in the back yard

3 water the flower beds

4 kayak with my hubbie

5 snap some interesting photos

6 get out and enjoy nature

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

just plain fun to read

the multi-talented willow received this "just plain fun to read" blog award today. and she so deserves it. her blog is packed with bits of art, poetry, book and movie reviews, wonderful photos, recipes and a ghost story now and then. she is usually the first blog i read every day and often the last one i visit before shutting down the trusty mac at the end of the night. plus, her blog roll is chock full of other fun blogs to visit.

in true "pass it on" spirit, willow nominated several people to receive this "just plain fun to read" award and i am honored to be one of them. thanks, willow! as always, you made my day!
so, i'm passing it on as well. my nominees are:

quaint handmade

the charm school dropout

29 black street

a little birdie told me so

crossroads cottage

thanks, ladies, for your inspiration, sense of humor, support and creativity!!!

i'm adding the award as a button on my sidebar and hope each of you do as well!!