Saturday, March 13, 2010

in a fog

i've been feeling bad lately -- tired, grouchy, uninspired, a bit depressed, in a fog. a visit to the dr. on thursday seemed in order. he said he's been seeing a lot of this with his patients lately and he thinks it's mostly the long, hard winter. we've not gotten enough exercise or sunshine plus we tend to comfort ourselves with well, you know, comfort food. so we pick up weight (that's me!), our BP goes up (mine was way up!) and we feel lethargic. even though i consciously knew all this, it was reassuring to hear a medical professional give a name to the reason and that i'm in good company. we decided to up my half dose of serotin-enhancing med to a full dose. i've been on this mild anti-depressant for about 1 1/2 years and it is wonderful for helping me to cope when i feel overwhelmed. so i will take a bit more but the real needed Rx is sunshine, a walk in the woods with my nikon and a long bike ride.nice weather can't come soon enough for me!

i had my nikon our yesterday and shot the above photos around dawn. i love fog and so wanted to be out on a creek bed to capture it creeping along the banks and rolling over the trees.

it's raining this morning and our girls bella and zoe have been wallering in the mud and water in the back yard. when i went out to check on them i caught them digging in my flower bed. 

does bella look guilty or what?!! last night was the first time they had ever experienced the rain. when it started pouring they just stood on the back patio and looked at each other. i loved that they just took it for granted and didn't run inside to take cover.

my crocuses are up and blooming! don't they look fresh and springy in the rain?

is anyone having trouble with spam comments on their blog? i am literally hounded with a dozen or more spam comments a day. since i moderate all comments i'm able to reject them so they never show up but i sure would like to stop them all together. any ideas? i hate to go back to word verification but that may be the only way to stop them. any suggestions would be helpful.

have a wonderful weekend!


ArtistUnplugged said...

Hey! Sorry to hear you've been so ucky....hope you perk up soon, know the feeling. Love the photos, simply beautiful! Those pups of yours, so adorable, fun to watch their reactions. Spring is sprouting around your place I see. Please take care and have a great weekend! :)

PrairiePeasant said...

I understand the feeling of fog. I've been so amotivated the past 2 months. I'd send you some sunshine, but we haven't had any here for a week! Your photos are beautiful, don't stop your walks and getting out!

I only get the occasional spam comment so I'm not sure what to advise.

Almost Precious said...

Sigh, yes it has been a long, bleak, cold winter. But cheer up there are signs of spring all around, just like in your lovely photos of your spring crocus.

Spam, yuck ! The internet version of junk mail. I get a bit of it but am not swamped by any means. I'll have to ask my hubby if there are any programs that block or filter out spam...other than the ones they have for email.

Katiejane said...

Hi Julie! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I haven't been around for a while and I apologize.
I see your fog! We had that on Thursday morning. Thick as pea soup, it was. I agree with your dr. I am really feeling "cabin fever". I want to see green and lovely flowers everywhere. Hope you pull out of it.

Joanna said...

Hi Julie,
Hope the fog lifts soon. I just discovered your photo blog. Very cool!

Don said...

dreary February does take its toll. hang in there, listen to Richie Havens version of "Here comes the sun"

I went to the verification and still get a few, usually chinese or something like that!

ArtPropelled said...

Oh dear Bella .... she does look guilty! Sorry you've been feeling low Julie. I wish I could send you some of our sunshine.

cindy said...

i've been feeling the same way the last couple of weeks - just blah. sometimes the change of season does it to me as i lose all my energy. hope you're feeling better.