Sunday, March 21, 2010

the morning sun

what a lovely dawn we had yesterday. the sun has changed its angle and is shining into our east and north windows in tantalizing new ways. i'm not really a morning person but there is something very uplifting about the start of a new day.  i like the peace and quiet, an hour or so of solitude to collect my thoughts. i enjoy watching the outside come into focus as the sun's rays strengthen and extend up over the horizon. then there are the little glints of sunlight that appear on the windows, the kitchen countertop and the dining room table. they start out as tiny spots and then lengthen to create delightful trapezoids of brilliant yellow. next come the shadows, the whimsical interplay between the sun and the objects standing in its way. all this drama right in my kitchen, a private showing just for me. 

i had an e-mail this morning from a dear friend letting me know that her elderly mom had passed away in the night. there was no warning, no extended illness, no last goodbyes. although i spent the day with my parents yesterday, today i'll give them a call to make sure they know how much i love them. to check in, to brighten their day.

each day
let me face the morning sun
with gratitude on my face
hope in my heart
and a whispered prayer
for those i love
that they may know
how much i think of them
each day


Jennifer said...

My goodness... we sure have been thinking alike lately with these photos! :) Very pretty! The light through the glass is beautiful!


Christine said...

sorry to hear about your friend's mom, but in a way, a peaceful passing

Corny said...

Enjoy your parents while you can! My parents are both gone and so many times I wished I could tell them something or ask something.