Wednesday, March 24, 2010

playful puppies

bella:  "i got it!!"

zoe: "hey, wait up sis, i gotta scratch first!"

bella "just workin' on my tan!"

zoe: "aw, shucks, mom, another picture?"

today i asked myself "who's having more fun these days -- bill and i or the puppies?" what fun it is to sit in the back yard and watch them run, romp, tumble, chase and chew. bill strung a clothesline across the fence and hung a knotted rope from it, just long enough for the puppies to grab and pull. when i throw their rubber chicken and say "chicken" they chase it across the yard and carry the chicken back TOGETHER and drop it at my feet. zoe has already learned how to jump over the short white picket fence bill put around my flower beds. she jumps in and out and in and out, just for the joy of being able to do it. one can be peacefully dozing in the sun and then will immediately perk up when they hear their sister getting into something. we took them for a walk at the river on sunday and they got their first chance to wade on the shallow rocks. summer is going to be a blast, for sure!


Mary said...

They are so darned cute, and I know what joy they bring to your lives!!

willow said...

Are they adorable, or what?! Thanks for the smiles this morning, Julie!

steviewren said...

They are precious! Watching puppies and babies play has got to be one of life's nicest pleasures.

Shannon said...

hehe! LOVE the rope idea! I'm telling Mike that one! I hope they never come across a real chicken! LOL

Debbie Egizio said...

Awe, they are so adorable. I just love puppies. Sounds like you are all having so much fun!

Joanna said...

They are just so adorable. How can you keep your eyes off them?

Martha Lever said... so cute!!!

Mary said...

Julie about writing vs typing. I find that too. If I am writing a long letter or paper I need to type it. I think it' because I can see it in it's entirety, and scan it faster than in longhand - to make the many corrections that I will need to make!!! :) Plus, I am a horrible speller!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!