Friday, March 26, 2010

little hummel girl

one day little hummel girl told her geese it was going to be a day of adventure. she promised they would see new lands and experience new things that would make their hearts happy. so off they set on their voyage of grandma's china cupboard. as they circled round the other hummels, the merry wanderer tipped his umbrella in a goodbye salute. the first obstacle was grandma's tea set collection. little hummel girl had to tiptoe so carefully over and around each delicate little cup, saucer and tea pot. as she crept she told the geese the story of how grandma had collected each piece so that one day she could give them to her granddaughters jenna and layla. next they came to the antique tea set from japan. grandma's dad had sent it home to his mother during his tour of japan after wwII. it was one of grandma's most prized possessions. the geese were in awe of the crystal pieces, all lined up in shimmering splendor for their enjoyment. and the little hummel girl was right. their hearts were oh so very happy!


Mary said...

I see a wonderful children's book in the making!!

Little Tesoro said...

What a sweet story Julie!