Tuesday, March 16, 2010

silver liquid drops

let the rain kiss you. 
let the rain beat upon your head
with silver liquid drops.
let the rain sing you a lullabye.

--langston hughes--

things i like about a rainy day:

rain is nature's way of saying you deserve a lazy day to relax, read and watch a sweet movie in your pajamas. that's all the reason i need.

hot soup and a cup of tea taste best on a rainy day

traffic and barking dogs are muffled by the rainy rhythm on my window

zoe and bella are content to snuggle at my feet

there's no pressure to take out the trash, sweep the porch or cut the honeysuckle bushes back

long guilt-free naps

what do you like about rainy days?


Mary said...

That just about sum it up for me!!
I love being inside all warm and cozy on a rainy day - if it's warm enough I like to sit way back in the corner of my screened porch and watch and listen - especially if it is thundering!! I love thunder storms.

Oh and the smell of rain!

I hate going out in it though!!

AeFondKis said...

Hi Julie, as it rains a lot in Scotland, I can honestly say....nothing much! Prefer the sun!
However appreciate your observations of silver liquid drops, my wish would be 'golden hot rays':)

cindy said...

uummmm...hate to admit this but---
on a rainy day you can't see the dust in my house. Love those days!!

steviewren said...

I like the sound of rain on the roof and in the summer the smell of wet dirt is a favorite.

julie king said...

steviewren, you would love hanging out at my house right now. the puppies are digging in the back yard so they come inside reeking of dirt. we're calling them our little earthworms these days!!

Julie said...

Love this entire post!! Hmmmm..... a hot cup of tea and a warm afghan. ; )

Kristy Worden said...

Flannel pajamas, fuzzy slippers, making cookies? (why that's a rainy day activity I don't know) naps...thing I don't like? wet dog smell!