Friday, June 26, 2009

country road

more majestic
than any
fancy garden
sing a peaceful
melody of
times gone by
when life was simpler
and more carefree

hidden treasure
around each bend
long forgotten
of simple
journeys in
enchanting times

rustic cottage
sheltered by
overgrown trees
falling into
magical ruins
where children
once caught
lightning bugs
at twilight

country road
siren call
for my heart
temptress of my soul
share your wonders
sing your song
that i may
feel at home

poem & photos
(c) 2009 julie king


Paris said...

"where children
once caught
lightning bugs
at twilight"

That is SO me when I was a little girl! Awwwww...I would do that again. Just get me a glass jar and a lid, and put me out in a field at dusk to start catching them...(only make sure that you or my BFF is there!) hahaha =)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Kristy Worden said...

I came back to comment on the house but now I can't find it - anyway, I meant to ask you -you make a lot of references to singing in you pieces, and use a lot of sheet music as source papers... do you sing? have a history of singing? where to you get the sheet music for your art? I'm wracking my brain to see if I remember seeing any at Goodwill!

julie king said...

hi, kristie! i love to sing along to songs ont he radio and in my art room. plus i enjoy singing to kids -- nieces and grandkids. i've never done it professionally. i buy old sheet music an auctions and flea markets. i have a pretty big supply. i also have a few old church hymnals that i've picked up here and there. i'm not sure why i use the sheet music other than that i like the look of it in a collage. for years i've equated the sounds of nature with singing in my mind. i guess it just eaks out into my poetry and mixed media.

thanks! i'm sending you a separate e-mail as well on this subject!

PrairiePeasant said...

Lovely, Julie!

Brandi said...

Beautiful Photos! I can tell you're enjoying your new toy! :)
I saw your title, and, not to spoil the mood, but all I could think of was good 'ol John Denver singin' country road, take me home, to a place, I belong.....

Michelle Eaton said...

Absolutely beautiful Julie! You are so very talented.

elk said...


Michelle (artscapes) said...