Wednesday, June 24, 2009


just a quick post to say again how much each of you "gift" me with your visits and comments to my blog!! i value each and every one of you for the time you take to say something sweet, supportive or relevant. as i collage, take photos or write a poem i'm always feeling the blessed presence of each of you fanning the wind under my wings. heartfelt thanks and hugs to each of you!!

the photo is of the original mixed media collage i sold this week in my etsy shop. it is all wrapped up in my original handmade wrapping paper, a pretty bow and a handmade tag, ready to ship out to the new owner tomorrow. you can see which original sold here. thanks, kelly, for making my day!

and finally, some of you asked if i was going to list any of the journals shown here in my etsy shop. yes, i have and the supply is limited so go check them out here.

peace, hope, love and joy!!


Shannon said...

You are so welcome and likewise, you always have such sweet things to say when you visit my little corner of blogland! :) I am on my way over to look at your journals! Thinking of any bdays coming up??? :)

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

Congratulations on your sale! That little house looks so inviting-a truly wonderful place to bloom :)

Paris said...

You are very welcome! We adore you and cherish all of your heartmoving artwork. =)

Wishing you a beautiful day!! **hugs**

Artist Unplugged said...

A big congratulations on your sale and what a lovely, lovely package!

Jennifer said...

What beautiful wrapping!! Who wouldn't love getting a special little gift like that?! Question for you, what do you seal your mixed media with so you don't have to worry about that wrapping sticking to it??

Jammmie said...

HEy, that "bloom" piece could work for next week's inch by inch! How did you figure that out how to squeek out of it again? Ha. I love that piece you sold, btw.

Do you always sell the originals?

"i'm always feeling the blessed presence of each of you fanning the wind under my wings. heartfelt thanks and hugs to each of you!!"
--awww. so true for me too. :)

Jammmie said...

D oyou make print out for your note books? so lovely. you are very talented my friend. I think you could inspire me to open up my own Etsy one day, I just have no idea how to print stuff out good enough to sell, and labels, etc. I don't even have a printer.

julie king said...

jennifer, i use matte mod podge to adhere all the paper to the canvas or board and i also use it to seal the finished piece. it is quite durable. i always wrap the art (in this case an easel-back board) with a padding of tissue paper before i wrap it in the homemade wrapping paper. it give sit extra protection. thanks for your sweet words and interest!

julie king said...

jammie, yep, i'm always thinking and sometimes quite clairvoyant. for instance, i can read your mind. you're thinking there's no way julie will participate in inch by inch 2 weeks in a row. hee hee

i almost always make my originals available for sale but they don't always actually sell. i usually have a nice supply at home waiting for a good home. smile!

julie king said...


here's how i work. i make a collage and then use my 35mm camera to take good quality photos. i alter the photos in PS just a hair to ensure they look nice and crisp and colorful. i turn those photoshop files into jpegs so i can list them on etsy. i own my own high quality epson printer which does an incredibly wonderful job of printing to a variety of papers. i use the ps files to print any / all sizes i want so that i can make high quality art prints up to 8 x 10 or smaller ones for use on notecards, journals, magnets, etc.

my epson is the r1900. i got it at a good price in january when epson was running a rebate. it has allowed me to broaden my product line from one piece of art.

in february 2007 when i first got interested in mixed media, i did not know anything about blogging or photography or photoshop or even that there was such a thing as etsy. i have simply dived in head first to learn bit by bit what i needed in order to pursue this dream i have of doing this full-time. here it is 2 1/2 years later and i have a blog, an etsy, a facebook, a twitter and a flickr account. i sell my art in galleries and online. i've joyfully done about a dozen commissions sized 30 x 48 down to 8 x 10, all very different subject matters.

my point is -- ANYONE can do this and i am the proof. my hubbie and kids have been shocked by what this technology-challenged old(er) gal has tackled and been successful at.

you can do it, too, jammie!!! just make up your mind that you want to and then be willing to have fun while you make it come true!!

Staci Danford said...

I know how you feel about the wonderful world of BLOg. The kind words and stoppers by always lift your mood and brighten your heart... Thanks for sharing your kindness with us as well. And your package is wonderful. My mother always told me a person can see how much you care by looking at their gift.