Sunday, January 30, 2011

collaged cubbie!!

i wanted to share a few pics of the finished cubbie i showed you here.  this was so much fun and i just loved how it turned out.

it sits on top of my refrigerator and is a cute whimsical focal point.  i bought this at the thrift shop -- 2 pieces for $10 and i didn't have to buy a thing in order to transform it.

i love everything kelly rae and my collage work was inspired by her piece shown here.

and, an update this piece!! i've not touched this old cupboard that i featured here.   all of my china, teapots and other kitchen collectibles are still in mom's barn with the barn door frozen shut. i want to arrange a few things inside of it before i decide how to paint, refinish, collage, etc. please, please, please let spring get here soon!!!!!


supplies overflowing! said...

Hey- this turned out great!

Christine said...

oh I love it!

RNSANE said...

You should really be proud of this. It turned out to be a delightful work of art!

Tess said...

What a great job you did transforming that cubbie...I love it!