Sunday, January 23, 2011

a little of this, mostly that

i've had such a wonderfully creative weekend -- and willow was right in the middle of most of it! above she is sitting in the torn paper scraps i was using to collage over an old wooden cubbie i bought at the thrift store. i'm not sure which she was most attracted to -- the paper or the wonderful sunshine streaming in my dining room window. 

here's the cubbie. i bought it and a matching wooden chest with four little drawers for $10. yes, that's right -- only $10 for the set.  it's very sturdy and will look so cute when i get it all done. pics to come!!

today at goodwill i bought this roll of 2,000 double tickets for $3.00. did you see that they are orange??!! let me know if you'd like some!!


RNSANE said...

What a buy you got, Julie, with that cubbie and the wooden chest. I am sure you will refinish it beautifully. Willow just wanted to keep you company while you worked and I'm sure that warm sunshine was a draw with all the cold weather you're having in your part of the world!

steviewren said...

I'd love some tickets, Julie. Are you selling them?

I like what you did with the cubby as well.