Thursday, January 13, 2011

welcome home

i wanted to share a few more peaks at my house. welcome home to my living room!  this first picture features 2 pieces of my art on the wall, some pillows i made and 3 of my thrift store finds -- the entertainment center, the coffee table and the plant stand. i'm planning to collage the top of the coffee table. i'm hoping to get that started this weekend.

here i've collected old wooden frames, taken the old photos out, removed the backs and placed them on the wall bare naked. then i've added photos of the grandkids  (all taken by me) which i mounted to black foam core and hung with velcro wall-hanging strips. more of my handmade pillows and two of my kelly rae roberts canvasses are lit by another thrift store find.

i bought the old student desks at an antique store in new castle for ben and jenna. i say bought but really it felt much more like a steal. they were very inexpensive!! jenna loves to do art projects at hers and ben mostly likes to climb up on the chair and mess up the mini blinds. :)  i made the curtains and love how they pull together my whole orange, teal and brown color scheme.

this is the view from the living room into the dining room. another of my fave collages and another handmade pillow keep things bright and cheery!

any of you who follow my blog regularly know that i've been on a roller coaster ride for a couple of years. ailing parents, the loss of my old dog presley, the death of my dad, my battle with debilitating depression and separation from my husband have tested my stamina, self esteem and perseverance. but i am a survivor and hope still lives in my heart. i'm regaining my footing, finding joy in simple pleasures and feeling at home in my own skin again -- slowly and surely. every time i come home i am welcomed by a new sense of possibility and renewed faith in myself.

i am truly blessed.


Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Your home looks lovely and you have such talent with your artwork that you can keep on creating and adding to your walls. :) That is a lot for one person to cope with. I am so glad you are feeling better and see a future full of possibilities. I wish for more happiness and contentment to continue to flow your way.

Outstanding Stranger said...

Your home is lovely. Your collage work fantastic. Wonderful things are in store for the strong, independent and creative person that you are. Hugs, Diane

Christine said...

your new home looks very cozy and all yours! You are always the optimist, a role model in difficult times, I'd say.

Diane said...

What a great post--to go through these tough times--but coming out a better person for it--Love your spirit!

Mary said...

You have created a warm and inviting home.

Holding only good things in my heart for you. May 2011 be full of wonderful adventures for you.

Grace and peace

T.Allen-Mercado said...

thanks for inviting me in. yes, you have had a rough time, but you somehow manage to remain positive and focused. i'm no stranger to depression, it's nice to see you've been able to keep your home looking "alive" and warm through it all. best to you in the new year.

jenny said...

Julie, I wish you love, peace and happiness in your new life. Your home looks like a wonderful place to return to, and I love seeing the results of your creativity.
Be strong.


Clare Seffrin Bond said...

The photos of your space are beautiful. Clearly your empowerment is stoked by your talent with art of all sorts. Rock on!