Saturday, January 22, 2011

memories slumbered

in perfect silence
memories slumbered
as snowflakes
blanketed their beds

--julie king

as i was headed toward the cemetery on thursday afternoon i noticed another sojourner walking in the cemetery. she was bundled up against the cold but her stature and spirit were open. open to the beauty that surrounded her. open to the quiet. open to the joy that is walking in a snowfall. i wondered if she'd come to visit a loved one. was her heart heavy with sadness and loss? or was she like me -- buoyant and blessed by all god's bounty.

let me take a minute each day to be open to the world, to slow down, breathe in the essence of life and say a little prayer of thanks for the blessings.


Kelly Warren said...

simply beautiful.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

beautifully expressed.

Christine said...

nice post today, Julie.

Lyn said...

what a thoughtful post.

RNSANE said...

Beautiful words. Sometimes we need to be reminded to count our blessings, not just at Thanksgiving!!