Tuesday, January 4, 2011

happily nesting

 ever since i moved into my little rented house in late september i've been happily nesting. i thought it was time to show you a few pics of where i now call home. this is my dining room which features the antique oak table and chairs i bought when my kids were little and the old church pew i bought for $25 and my dad refinished for me decades ago.

i love the big window that faces south and the curtain i made. my indoor plant collection is growing since i have such a wonderful place for plants. 

here's a shot of nellie who you met here.  i still haven't done the collage work on her drawers but i hope to start soon.

one wall of my dining room features these originals i purchased from the itsy bitsy spill. i simply adore magaly ohika's work and i am so proud to display these pieces in my home!! her shop is here and her blog is here.

more to come on my new little home where i've found peace and tranquility.


Lyn said...

oh i am so nosey and love looking into peoples homes and how they live. your dining room looks cosy and must be a lovely place fo a get together.
Happy New Year Julie

Kim Hambric said...

What a cozy, happy room. I love it!

Christine said...

your new home looks so cozy, and of course, artistic. Happy New Year, by the way, Julie.

Outstanding Stranger said...

Lovely nest Julie..Love the antique table. Hope your new year is full of creative moments and Joy. Hugs, Diane

Kerri Jean said...

I love this virtual tour of some of your new spaces. Beautiful wood furniture pieces and it looks like a cozy, happy place for new beginnings.

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

I never seen these hung on the wall. Forgive me, I been to caught up in my own world. So much has change in the past year. Rocky a bit! But I'm here creating and is sweet to see my little paintings up on your walls. You have a lovely home!