Monday, January 3, 2011

meet my willow

after a few weeks of urging i finally relented and let my son matt bring me his favorite barn kitten. he had talked about how sweet she was for weeks and how i needed the extra company. i have to admit that i was a bit lonely when i didn't have bella and zoe here visiting with me. ( i get them every other weekend and one evening a week). so the little gray barn cat arrived in a flurry of excitement and peals of kittykittykittykittykitty and i named her willow.

she is the sweetest little thing, took right to the litter box and loves her kitten food. i'm sure she is pleased to get a whole bowl to herself since she was used to competing with several siblings for food. 

after a couple of quiet evenings alone here at the house with me, willow got to meet her sisters bella and zoe. not one of the three quite knew what to think at first but after a couple of days they were all tentatively playing together. and all 3 slept in bed with me altho we did have one 4 am raucous when willow playfully ran across bella and zoe's backs.    

notice the cute little bell in the first 2 photos. to save my sanity and ensure restful sleep, it has been removed. willow has not quite learned that lights out means no running, jumping, chewing of elbows or sucking of hair. i am hopeful that with time she will learn that this is a place of rest -- at least during the night.

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Christine said...

She's very cute, pleased to meet her!