Tuesday, April 19, 2011

after the rain

she stretched luxuriously as she read the last few lines of her book. she had enjoyed every word of it and couldn't believe she had spent the better part of the day lazy and content in her reading chair. even the dogs and the cat had shared in her tranquil mood. looking out the window, she noticed that the sky had brightened and the sound of rain on the roof had stopped. this was one of her favorite times to stroll with her camera. in two shakes she had her shoes on and the camera slung around her neck. she was out the door, off the porch and turning a keen eye toward all of nature's bounty. the funny thing about a warm rain is that it changes so many things. flowers open, puddles form, drips hang suspended in a lovely dramatic play waiting for an audience to applaud. her applause was the whirr and click of her nikon. her standing ovation was the smile on her face and the gratitude in her heart. nature's encore was the appearance of the sun as the clouds parted.

she trekked several blocks enjoying the squeak of her wet sneakers on the reflective street. skirting puddles and admiring the winged birds, she marveled at how human beings are so like nature. each season is a reinvention of new shapes, forms, colors and nuances. she was reinventing herself as well. or maybe she was simply finding herself after a long absence. either way, she was taking on new dimension and texture in her life. her tapestry was being woven with vibrant hues of confident colors. she was infused with a joyful balance. after the rain, the sun must come and she knew her clouds had parted to let in the wonderful glow of life.


Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Very poetic, the header shot is just such an amazing pink. I am so waiting for pink to return. Thanks for brightening my day. xox Corrine

Christine said...

lovely photos after the rain. Nice musings too.

RNSANE said...

It is amazing what beauty there is in the world after a rainfall. You've captured much of it.