Thursday, April 7, 2011

hello front porch

hello front porch
i've missed you

good evening potted violas
thanks for welcoming me home

it is sooo nice to be able to sit out on my porch and read or simply watch the world go by. i have a rope hooked to the porch railing so bella and zoe can hang out with me (without running off). yesterday morning i ate my cereal out there and took a few breaks from cleaning out there as well. willow likes to come out with us and so far has not wandered too far off the porch. she runs back up to my lap with every dog bark, door slam or big gust of wind. it is so funny to see her wallow in the sun!

this is the simple life i've been craving!


dosfishes said...

I love your orange chair!! Sometimes just sitting and letting the mind wander is the best medicine of all. Your viola header is delish. xox Corrine

Angie said...

It sounds and looks perfect! :)

Christine said...

ahh! looks so relaxing.

Jennifer DeDonato said...

It is so nice to get to be outside and relax. Willow is just the cutest!