Wednesday, April 6, 2011

she (still) loved books

of all my artwork, prints of my original "she loved books" mixed media sell the best online and locally. i like to think that it is because reading is such a universal passion. there's just nothing like getting lost in a good story. so i thought it was time to create a second version of the same theme. above is she loved books 2. the original is available in my etsy shop. the story reads:

"she loved books, devouring them like decadent chocolate eclairs, each one more delicious than the previous. attracted to the aged, mellow colors of the frayed covers, she was soon intimately involved with the rich characters she found inside. these charismatic, often quirky soul mates were her nightly bedfellows and her traveling companions. even during her strolls in the park, she found her mind wandering to her current read, anticipating each delightful revelation and turn of phrase. the sweet scent of the old, dusty pages filled her head with aromatic visions of far-off places and oft-forgotten times. her fingers itched to caress each page as the story unfolded and wove its magical spell. her home was overflowing with stacks of much-loved, well-worn tomes, stepping stones to a life she could only hope to live one day. but for now, she was content to exist within the toothy vellum pages of the hardbound books she so loved."

it is warm enough for me to have my windows cracked a bit here today. looove! i'm doing some spring house cleaning and plan to drag the spade out of the garage later this afternoon. i need to start cleaning up the flower beds around this little house. and, of course, i plan to create some new flower beds as well. my flower beds are all being created in the "volunteer" method. all the perennials i plant will be starts donated from family and friends -- the ultimate in recycling!!

have a great day!


Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Beautiful piece Julie! I do love books! :) I am looking forward to getting outside and getting to work. Looks like I have so much to clean up! I better get with it soon. lol I 'shop' for most of my plants from my mom and grandma! :)

Christine said...

nice piece!

I've learned you don't need many perennials to start a garden, they reseed in no time.

maggie's garden said...

Hi Julie,
Thanks for stopping in at maggie's your art piece a lot...because I too love books. I stopped over at your Etsy shop as well... and you have some lovely paintings.
Happy spring!

Emakesart said...

Love the art, and the story to go with it!

I just wanted to thank you for your input for my shadow shots!