Monday, April 4, 2011

tea bag cranes

i stumbled onto these tea bag cranes while browsing blogs a couple of weeks ago. i fell in love with them immediately and knew they would look adorable hanging above my kitchen sink. the best part was that all the proceeds went to the red cross japan relief efforts. there is something so serene and light-hearted about these cranes as they swing in the early spring breeze coming in my window. you can find them in the artinredwagons etsy shop.


Kimmie said...

They look beautiful in your window! The natural lighting is perfect! Thanks for including the link too! I am so happy that you like them :)

RNSANE said...

Julie, they do look lovely in your kitchen. Japanese origami is always so pretty and, somehow, the sight of cranes fills me with hope that, however long, these brave and stoic people will survive and heal from the devastion they are enduring.

rachel awes said...

these are LOVELY!
& i also ADORE
your paintings below!