Friday, April 22, 2011

life with cats AND dogs

zoe and bella at 2:16 am -- 
patiently waiting for me to stop making art 
and start going to sleep!

zoe and bella at my mom's
wanting to run, run, run free
all over her property.
me? i had to take a break
and ask them to chill for a bit!

willow likes to play and sleep
in my plastic tub of tissue paper
and vintage sheet music.

willow looooves the flower bed
i dug up in the front of my house.
she wallers and lounges and chases
bugs and guards the house!

i'm seriously thinking about giving up tv. all the entertainment needed in my house is provided by the 4-legged companions who share my home. at any given moment you can witness a stampeding pet parade, willow air boxing bella's ears or zoe jumping over the couch to try to playfully catch willow. there is never a dull moment. late one night last week i took bella and zoe out for a walk and about a block from the house i noticed that willow had snuck out the door and was following us. i swear she thinks she's a dog!! she has even started sleeping on the dog bed with one or both of the girls. yesterday willow was trying to catch a fly and before i knew it all three of the girls were in on the chase. willow was on jenna's desk, zoe was on ben's desk and bella was leaping off the couch into mid-air to try to win the prize. 

my cup runneth over with love and joy and delicious blessedness!!


Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Too cute! They sure are the best entertainment. lol Love the photo of them waiting for sleep time. Our dog gets that same look. And I love your bedspread in that photo... it's so pretty! :)

Donna said...

Your cats and dogs are too cute! What fun you must have, Julie.


Lindsay said...

I'm so happy to find your blog! Your cats and dogs are adorable. I'm a fellow animal lover who just entered the blogging world and started an Etsy shop. I've had a hard time finding anyone with similar interests, so I know I'll enjoy following you. :)

Lindsay from