Tuesday, May 20, 2008

don't get excited . .. this isn't one of mine. just a photo i found on the internet and liked. it would be fun to collage but i fear the reflection would be hard to pull off in paper. the list of ideas to collage just keeps growing and growing!!

i have a new job!!! i interviewed yesterday morning, accepted the job today and will start next tuesday. so, i have a few more days of goofing off to enjoy! it will be a fun place to work and the people seem very nice. the position is right up my alley and i believe i will settle in quite nicely.

i've been reflecting on how much i've learned over the last couple of weeks since i lost my job. here's a glimpse:

for me creating art is more enjoyable when done as a past-time or hobby without pressure to sell or please others. it became a chore when i thought i HAD to do it

i need a routine

i CAN have too much reading, relaxing and lazing around

reading and creating are more enjoyable when done as a reward after a hard day of gratifying work

i still have a need to prove myself, whether it be as a mother, a grandmother, an artist, a wife or a marketing coordinator

true friends should not be taken for granted. once you don't see them everyday, you really understand how very dear they are

at 55, it is harder than ever to find shoes and pants that look great and are still comfortable enough to wear all day

it is important to trust my gut instinct and not constantly second-guess and doubt myself

i can live simply

i expect less of everyone else but me

when i look in the mirror, i want the reflection to show a strong, confident, young-at-heart woman who likes herself

i'm liking my reflection today!

peace, love, joy . . . until tomorrow!


Auburn Kat said...

Congrats on the new job!

Cindy said...

congratulations on your new job - good luck! i think all of your wisdom is spot on.

painted fish studio said...

congratulations on the new job!

i, too, need routine, and you are right, creating after an 8-9 hour day is more rewarding! i wish i did have more time to create, but if i don't have a routine, i find myself being lazy...