Wednesday, May 14, 2008


i'm streeeeetching and yawning and ready for a break from the art room this afternoon. i've been in here since 6:30 this morning working on this new collage (off and on). it is my take on monet's waterlillies and i'm struggling with it a bit. i'm not sure at all how it's going to turn out. i'm going to have to open up my bag of magic tricks on this one to get it to the point that i like it. maybe i'm stretching myself creatively a bit today as well. it would be sad if this one ended up in the artroom graveyard. smile!

so, i'm off to take presley for a walk in the drizzle to wake up and stretch OUR legs. then i'm going to sit and read for a bit -- jodi picoult's change of heart which is very good but not my favorite picoult book. it would be hard to pick a favorite of hers. so i'm not even going to try.

hopefully inspiration will strike while i'm away from the art room and i can return to this canvas with renewed energy and a refreshed magic wand!

peace, love, joy to all!



Cindy said...

oh, your collage is wonderful and see the monet influence. i'm terrible at collages, so i really envy your talent.


julie king said...

thanks, cindy! i'm back in the art room and feeling like i can pull this one together!

Unknown said...

it's looking wonderful so far. one thing that i love about the creative process is stepping away from a piece, and "forgetting" about it for a period of time. when you return, you are renewed and the ideas flow again!

Sarah said...

It's lovely Julie! Sometimes just looking at it too long can make you crazy. Better to leave it be and come back with a fresh set of eyes!
I love all the colors in it!

julie king said...

thanks so much for your kind words,ladies and the push it gives me to keep working to improve and grow as an artist!

Deb Neerman said...

Julie, this is just stunning!!