Wednesday, May 7, 2008

jumpin' in the rain

i got up at 5:30 this morning to be on the road by 6:20 to drive to indiana to babysit my 3-year old granddaughter jenna today. she is a barrel of fun and so quick -- both mentally and physically. we made this plastic glass of flowers. they are hand cut paper flowers inserted onto plastic straws. i cut the end of the straw vertically a few times to make a stamen which kept the paper petals on the straw. she had fun with it -- picking out each straw color to go with each flower, deciding which papers to glue back to back, coloring patterns on the petals and inserting the straws into the holes in the petals. her little hands (and mind) just fly. she had the scissors and was cutting into the sheets of stickers before i could even react. i feel like she is always 3 steps ahead of me and i'm playing catch-up!!

my favorite part of the day was as i was leaving. she and my daughter (her mom) were jumping in the rain puddles in the driveway. it was so cute and fun and i snapped a couple of totally great photos. sorry but you'll have to take my word for it. megan is not comfortable with my posting photos of jenna on the net. i completely understand. i'm wonderfully tired and ready to see who gets the boot on american idol tonight. i'm hitting the art room bright and early tomorrow morning and then having lunch with ex co-workers. fun, fun, fun!!


Auburn Kat said...

I remember jumping in puddles when I was little! To be young again!

Kelli said...

Those flower straws are adorable! I hope you had a fun day!