Monday, April 14, 2008

fleeting memories

fleeting memories
life's sunsets
oh, sweet nostalgia

this is the little bit of copy on my latest original art titled "fleeting memories". it is a 14" x 14" x 1 1/2" gallery-wrapped canvas. one of my favorite things to collage is sunsets. i love picking out all the different papers, tearing them into interesting shapes and then applying them to the canvas to create an abstract picture. in the end the collage has a cool mosaic tile effect that i think is quite unique. when i look at this art i can't help but think of all the fleeting memories in my life. these memories are stored away in some dusty corner of my mind and all it takes is a certain smell, a word or a sound to bring the memory leaping forward into my consciousness. and then i think, "i'd forgotten all about that." then there is that deja vu feeling that occasionally will just wash over me where i could just swear that i've been in that exact moment in time sometime in the past. it's a fleeting memory tumbling down to be experienced all over again. oh, sweet nostalgia!

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Femme Details said...

I think that is very inspired... nice work!