Wednesday, April 23, 2008

something in the air!!

these red tulips are in full bloom in the front of my house. they were bouncing a joyous little dance in the wind as i snapped this photo.

what an exciting week this is turning out to be!! on monday i sold a small original canvas on etsy. yesterday i received a commission for an 18" x 24" original that will be sent to bermuda to hang in the home of a co-worker's friend. my co-worker and i also discussed two additional commissions she is interested in purchasing. today i sold the "blue flowers serenade" original pictured in my 4/19/08 blog below to my dear, dear friend pammie. plus pammie ordered an original to coordinate with "blue flowers serenade". my friend, laura, has asked me to create a custom journal for her sister; it will feature some of her mother's hand-written recipes.

today i finished the invitations to my artist reception to be held at the art in motion gallery in kettering on may 11th. and, i'm pulling together everything i need to do to get ready to teach 4 mixed media collage classes at the gallery during the month of may!!

so, in addition to the beautiful spring weather there is a feeling of newness and possibility in the air! i feel mostly excitement as my job ends and i start this next chapter in my life. there is sadness and a longing for it to last just a little longer so we don't have to all say goodbye. but i do believe that when one door closes another opens. the new door opening for me is going to blow a huge blast of wonderful creative fresh air that will carry me to unexplored places of wonder. and i'm ready for it!!


XUE said...

Those red tulips & background look like a painting! Congratulations of all these excitement & sales. With each change comes sadness, fear, anticipation, thrills, excitement. We had to face all these with each major move ( as in & out of one country). It is scary but it is challenging too. Good luck Julie & I wish you more sales!

XUE said...
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julie king said...

thanks so much for your kind words and support! i can't even imagine packing up and moving from one country to another. i'm sure it has made you a very resourceful and powerful woman!!

Ginger said...

Congrats! I just got here from the Arts and Crafts blog. Looks like we both have a voracious appetite for Stephen King. Bookless is one of worst states of being, LOL. The first one I read was Cujo and I've been hooked ever since.

You can click back to see more of my goodies on my blog and a link to my Etsy shop as well. Your collages are really interesting - such soft colors and the pieces look like they were meant to end up together.