Wednesday, April 9, 2008

free wheelin'

it looks like it's time to clean up the old bikes for another fun summer of cycling. as you can see, we haven't invested any money in our bikes. we got both of them free from family members. the first time i rode mine bill hummed "na na na na na na" from the wizard of oz as i sped up and down the street. (i love a smart ass so it was only natural that he and i would end up together.) i had not been on a bike in probably 12 years and was stunned by what a complete thrill it was. i'd forgotten how fast a bike could fly with very little effort and how refreshing it was to feel the wind in my hair. we didn't ride a lot last year but i hope we do more this year. as we prepare for me to lose my job at the end of this month, it has been kind of fun to brainstorm free entertainment ideas and ways to cut back on expenses. here's a few of them:
*** bicycle to the library to get free books to read; pick up free brochures in the lobby
*** use free brochures in backyard patio firepit to cook dinner
*** cancel trash pick-up; bicycle one bag of trash a day to the local CVS (while softly humming na-na-na-na-na-na)
*** furiously pedal bike on stationary stand equipped to generate electricity
*** quit taking BP meds -- no need with all the extra exercise
*** sell "witch on wheels" photos on the internet at huge profit
*** start bicycle trash pick-up service/business
*** sell bicycle book mobile service to local library
it kind of puts a whole new "spin" on free wheelin', huh?

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