Saturday, April 5, 2008

garden blues

today will be my first day out in the garden this year!!! i plan to cut my 5 honeysuckle vines back before they start to sprout and grow too much. by cutting the old vines from last year back the plants will look much nicer and fuller this year. then i want to clean up my flower beds a bit. there is dead foliage from last year that needs to be cut back and removed. i am sure that my spirits will be lifted by this manual labor. maybe i'll wear my ipod and sing along to some kenny chesney or paul mccartney tunes. that always lifts my spirits as well.

the above torn paper collage is titled "garden blues". i just love the little blue bird sheltered by the tall stalks of the circle flowers. i imagine that he is singing the blues but in a good way. hopefully he's finding lots of worms and good nesting-building materials. this collage (and many others) is available at my etsy boutique: Please check it out! And, happy spring!!

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