Friday, April 18, 2008

grandma's house

to jenna and layla,

can you come to grandma's house
to spend the day and night?
we'll pitch a tent in the living room.
you'll play to your heart's delight.

can you come to grandma's house?
presley's waiting at the door.
he'll do that special trick for you
the good jumping you adore!

can you come to grandma's house?
we'll do a craft together.
maybe a pretty paper collage
or a chart to show the weather.

can you come to grandma's house?
the teddy bear is lonely.
he whispered in my ear today,
i'll play with jenna and layla only.

can you come to grandma's house?
ask mommy, "can i come?"
i'm hoping that you'll both be here soon.
we'll sure to have some fun!!


Gracie Bird said...

What a sweet poem! Tayla and Jenna sound like lucky little girls.

About the corporate change, think of it as a new adventure, a new chapter that you can write however you like! Good luck to you, be sure to blog about the transition, I'll be watching with envy!

LittleSun said...

I love the poem and thank you for stopping by my blog

XUE said...

Oh julie, this is such a nice poem. You must be a great grandma! You make me want to come over with my 2 kids!