Tuesday, April 8, 2008

happy feet!

oh, happy, happy day when the weather gets warm enough in the spring that i can wear my sandals!!! it's going to be in the 70's again today and my feet sighed a very contented "ahhhhh!" when i slipped them into these brown faves. no comments please on my pudgy old toes or my need for a good manicure. smile! given a choice between taking care of my feet or being in the art room i'll pick collaging every time!!

speaking of collaging, i had one of those creative fear moments going in my art room last evening. i had just finished a new small canvas and i was not at all happy with it. a wash of incompetence and fear of failure came over me. all i could think was with all the trained, very talented artists out there, why would anyone buy art from me. it was not a good place to be. so my husband and i went for a long walk and i returned to my art feeling rejuvenated and optimistic. i'm going to push these negative thoughts aside and keep learning and growing and improving. i may not be the artist i want to be today but nothing can prevent me from becoming that artist one day soon. hope. dream. believe. achieve.

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XUE said...

Hi Julie! Up to 2 years ago, we lived in tropical Singapore where our kids' uniform consists of open toed sandals, every day. Thank you for visitng Tokyo!